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What We Do


We believe that a woman is the nucleus of her family, and when she becomes ill or dies, her children, family and community suffer. Our programs strive to minimize these far-reaching consequences. 

  • Build relationships to develop, strengthen and support HPV and cervical cancer prevention, screening and treatment programs: With the use of knowledge and talents of local and international health and allied workers, we aim to strengthen existing systems where available, and support the development of new ones that are practical and can be integrated optimally where necessary. This comprehensive care service is delivered to the population year-round.
  • Promote health education: Through culturally sensitive and linguistically appropriate health education materials, we promote prevention and improve knowledge about HPV and cervical cancer.
  • Training: We conduct training workshops on a periodic basis to train community health workers (physicians, nurses and other qualified health personnel) on cervical cancer education, screening and early treatment.
  • Engage communities in screening and early treatment programs: We identify barriers and help communities implement creative, medically sound, economically sustainable, practical solutions for effective management of screening, early treatment and referral base for advanced cervical cancers.
  • Mentor and train Global Coalition members: Via direct communication with senior members at GIAHC, we offer a very personal and interactive environment for Global Coalition members to engage with health care workers globally to raise visibility, foster collaboration and develop initiatives for international cooperation and research in order to reduce the burden of HPV and cervical cancer in the countries where they work.